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160211 Measuring the cost of gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea

Measuring the cost of gender-based violence in PNG

A new toolkit will help Papua New Guinea businesses to better understand the impact of gender-based violence and develop policies to support their staff.

Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls, Natasha Stott Despoja, attended the launch of the toolkit – “Costing the impacts of gender-based violence to business” – in Port Moresby today.

“Addressing gender-based violence is not only the right thing to do, it also makes business sense.  While foremost is the appalling toll on individuals, businesses are also affected in terms of absenteeism, lost productivity and staff turnover,” Ambassador Stott Despoja said.

“Companies can start with something as simple as putting up awareness-raising posters and ensuring staff are aware of existing support services. 

“Significant gains can be achieved through investment in the measurement of gender-based violence incidents and costs, as well as through comprehensive programs that meet the needs of staff and have the full support of all levels of management.

“The toolkit will allow businesses to set a benchmark for the cost of gender-based violence and to measure the effectiveness of their actions into the future.”

The Overseas Development Institute conducted the research into the cost to business of gender violence in PNG and developed the toolkit with funding from the Australian Government through the Australian aid program.

The toolkit can be downloaded at