Australian High Commission
Papua New Guinea

160425 MEDIA RELEASE_Two health centres gets running water for the first time

Kokoda Initiative delivers health services for communities in the Kokoda Track region


Two health centres in the Kokoda Track region have received much-needed improvements through the Kokoda Initiative, funded by the Australian Government.

Kailaki and Ogotana health centres outside Sogeri have received solar power, clean running water and toilets. These facilities will improve health and sanitation, and enable emergency treatment to take place safely at night. 

The water installations are also available for communities in the area to use.  Previously community members had to walk thirty minutes to access clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.

After operating for about eight years without adequate water supply, the health centres are now compliant with PNG’s health standards.

Mr Rod Hilton, Minister-Counsellor at the Australian High Commission said: ‘the Australian Government is pleased to support the Kokoda Initiative’s community programs such as improved health facilities and easy access to clean water for the people of Kailaki and Ogotana.’

Health worker Aloisis Mopa said: ‘we normally use a torch to attend to mothers in labour and to serious emergency cases in the night.  We are really thankful that we have solar power in place now to help us with our work in the night.’

The Kokoda Initiative is a partnership between the Governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia to preserve the Kokoda Track region and improve the lives of communities there.