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160509 Film screening in Lae launches 2016 PNG-Australia bung Wantaim-Yumi Poroman Week

Film screening in Lae launches 2016 PNG-Australia bung Wantaim-Yumi Poroman Week

The Australian High Commission was delighted to launch the 2016 PNG-Australia Bung Wantaim-Yumi Poroman Week with a film screening in Lae on 8 May.  This was the first time PNG-Australia Week was launched outside of Port Moresby.

PNG-Australia Week – now in its tenth year – involved eight exciting events over seven days, from 8 May to 14 May.

Participants in Lae watched the Australian film, ‘Paper Planes’ which tells the story of a young Australian boy’s passion for flight and his journey to compete in the world paper plane championships in Japan.  The film, set in iconic locations, is a powerful story of about friendship.

‘Paper Planes’ was also screened in Port Moresby to a group of primary school students and their teachers at the Paradise Cinema in Vision City.

Australia’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Mr Bruce Davis, who launched the Week in Lae, said PNG-Australia Week would shine a light on the great friendship between PNG and Australia.

“The week will be filled with activities which highlight the connections across many fields – including music, sports, entertainment, business and education – between Papua New Guineans and Australians” Mr Davis said.

“PNG and Australia have strong and enduring linkages and we have a great program of events lined up this week which celebrate these ties.”

The full Australia Week program is available on the website of the Australian High Commission in Papua New Guinea.