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Incentive Fund

PNG and Australia launch new phase of Incentive Fund 

Australia and Papua New Guinea have launched phase IV of the Incentive Fund grants program.

The AU$72 million program will provide opportunities for a wide range of high performing organisations to compete for direct funding for development projects.

The Incentive Fund supports well-managed organisations to access funding for innovative projects that have a strong development impact for the men, women and children of Papua New Guinea.

Since the year 2000, the Fund has built about K350 million worth of infrastructure in PNG to improve development outcomes in health, education, rural development and the status of women.

Church organisations, education and health institutions, and research bodies have been beneficiaries and will remain important partners for Incentive Fund projects under the new phase of the program.

For the first time the Incentive Fund will be able to accept proposals from the private sector. This recognises the significant development role that many companies already play in PNG in areas such as health and education, and the opportunities to work together with the private sector to achieve improved development outcomes.

There will be a number of opportunities to apply for a grant under the Incentive Fund. For more details, please visit the Incentive Fund website.