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Road improvements continue in Manus

The Australian Government is funding the resealing of the road from Momote Airport to Lorengau town as a part of its support for Manus Province.

This investment will significantly improve the condition of the road, resulting in reduced travel time and improved access to services for local communities.

In addition to resealing of the road, maintenance works undertaken through this project will include bridge maintenance and rehabilitation of the area surrounding the new Australian funded market in Lorengau.

Rehabilitation works around the market will result in improved storm water drainage and an upgrade to the road surface that will reduce dangerous flooding of the marketplace. The new footpath around the market will also improve access for people with disability.

Manus Governor, Hon. Charlie Benjamin MP, said: “Having this project underway means real and tangible benefits for the people of Manus. Not just the jobs that it creates now, but the flow on effect that this improved infrastructure will have.

“Improving the resilience of our transport network against the seas and rains is vital to ensuring that our people and local businesses will be able to access the market and essential services all year round.”

A spokesperson for the Australian High Commission said that Australia’s funding of these improvements in the transport infrastructure of Manus helped provide the foundation for economic and social development in Manus, as good quality roads and bridges provided better access to essential services, connected people and offered economic opportunities.

This project is funded by the Australian Government through the Australian aid program and managed by the Transport Sector Support Program (TSSP). Works are being delivered by civil engineering company Shamrock Civil, which was selected through an open international competitive tender process.