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Papua New Guinea and Australia Emerging Leaders Dialogue 2023 is underway

Papua New Guinea and Australia Emerging Leaders Dialogue 2023 is underway

Ten Papua New Guinean emerging leaders have joined ten of their Australian peers in Cairns for the Lowy Institute Aus-PNG Network 2023 Emerging Leaders Dialogue (ELD).

The key theme of the five-day dialogue is ‘First Nations Foreign Policy’.

The dialogue offers a vital platform for young leaders from Papua New Guinea and Australia to explore, dissect, and forge pathways towards stronger Australia-Papua New Guinea relations in the context of First Nations perspectives within foreign policy.

This year’s ELD strives to foster a robust exchange of ideas and build bridges between the unique, diverse, yet interconnected experiences of Indigenous populations across Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Engaging in rich discussions and activities, participants will delve into topics of identity and community, environmental stewardship, cultural preservation, and how these intersect with the broader foreign policy landscape.

Events will include:

  • Discussions with a range of experts, leaders, and policymakers, including Australian First Nations Ambassador Justin Mohamed
  • Visits to Cairns-based Indigenous art galleries, communities and businesses
  • Strategic planning and workshop sessions aimed at fostering collaborative, innovative solutions to building better ties between our two countries.

This dialogue will contribute towards embedding Indigenous perspectives in foreign policy discussions, recognising the pivotal role First Nations communities play in shaping the geopolitical landscape.

‘The theme of First Nations Foreign Policy offers a vital lens through which we navigate the complex, interconnected challenges and opportunities faced by communities in Australia and Papua New Guinea,’ notes Mihai Sora, Project Director of the Lowy Institute Aus-PNG Network. ‘Through this year’s ELD, we aim to coalesce voices, wisdom, and aspirations, identifying policy recommendations for the Australian and PNG Governments to leverage our shared First Nations heritage to strengthen ties between our two countries.’